Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arise my Love...

So, tomorrow we are reminded of one of the most amazing events in history, least in my opinion. When thinking of Easter, and all that comes with it, I can't help but think of the lyrics to "Arise my Love" by Newsong. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.
What a wonderful reminder of God's endless love for us. He loves us SO much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. And praise God, three days later He rose again! He is ALIVE and well, and waiting for us in Heaven...
While at a meeting a while back, the speaker put it this way...not exact words, but you'll get the idea: **What if someone were to come into this room right now with a gun to my seven year old son's head, threatening his life.... I would drop to my knees...I would beg for his life, I would give them all the money I have, and I would offer my own life to spare his.**
That's what God did, except that He willingly gave His son. His ONLY die for us. It's SO hard for my to wrap my mind around it. I can't imagine having to give up my only son/child to die for OTHER PEOPLE'S sins.
I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter tomorrow, well...actually today! =) And just remember, this isn't about the Easter bunny, Easter, family....It's about Christ and what He gave us. God bless you all...and don't forget to share the news of His precious gift!!


Leslie said...

I love your reminder in the last paragraph. I'm in our church choir and have to sing at both services today. I'm bummed because I'm going to miss my kids getting up and seeing their baskets (they'll be at the second service). My kids are 15 and 12 so the Easter baskets and egg hunt aren't as big a deal to them, but it still is to this mama. Thank you for putting into perspective for me!

By the way, I think it's funny that I keep finding you VA ladies on here. I lived in VA for 15 years and still consider it home. I'd move back to Chesapeake in a heartbeat! VA is where I went to college, met & married my husband, and gave birth to our sons. I miss it!

Happy Easter and many blessings!

Trennia said...

Happy Resurrection Day!

Lori said...

Amen!!!! I am so thankful for this day!!! So thankful we'll see our little ones again and death has been defeated!!
Much love to you friend!

Monica said...

Amazing love, especially with the perspective you gave!!!

Em said...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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