Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I feel like I am completely out of touch with everyone and everything. And while I hate it, it's what I've gotten used to. I've finally come to the conclusion that life is not going to get any less hectic anytime soon. So I might as well embrace the craziness and move on :)
Today is Easter, least for the next couple of days. We had a busy day, and are just settling in at home. Babies bathed, fed them dinner, played, bottles...and now all three are sleeping soundly in their cribs.Thank goodness!
This Easter was most definitely different than any in our past. :) A good different. I so enjoyed having three very special little ones with us today!
On a day like today (Easter) I cannot help but think of our Sweet Lilly Bean. Not because she isn't with us today... but, because He is risen...we will see our little girl again someday. 

It's been a while since I've been here...and I feel like there are a million things that I want to catch up on. :) But never seem to have the time...

Poor babies have been sick for a week and a half now :( They had a nasty cold (Dr.C said that it could be a slight case of RSV). Easton & Elliana had ear infections...and Eli had to get a nebulizer. Yuck! Needless to say it's been a long stressful for Mommy & Daddy this week. Whew...
My parents came over Friday night and baby sat so that I could take Clif out for his birthday! I took him out for Japanese and then to see "The Hunger Games". Great night! Plus...Mom and Dad spent the night, so we were able to get seven hours of consecutive sleep for the first time in almost two weeks!! Soooo thankful for parents that are willing to help out!

Being back to work has been good for me, I think... but stressful on all of us. Clif is still without a job, so he's been playing Mr.Mom for a month now. >.< Please pray with us concerning this as he is waiting to hear back about a job. We are praying praying praying because he would be able to stay in the same line of work, BUT, it would be a Monday through Friday,8-5 schedule. :) Not to mention all federal holidays!! It would be SUCH a blessing, but most definitely leaving it in God's hands.


Paige said...

Love it!! The pictures are glad to get an update on those sweet babies!!!

Caroline said...

Praying for everything & what a beautiful family you have.
Happy Easter !!

Steve Finnell said...

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