Friday, April 27, 2012

breathe in...breathe out...repeat

:) I think life is about 95% back to full swing.

Crazy. Gotta love it.

Though I hate being away from my family, I have to admit that I have enjoyed being back at work. Being part of the real grown up world again. Definitely tough, but something that I knew I would have to do eventually.

Clif continues his position as "stay at home dad" for the time being. Please be in prayer with us as we are waiting to hear back about a job that he applied for. It's been a long process... and we both fully believe that God will provide. I honestly think that Clif will be offered this job, it just takes forever for everything to go through. It was around a three month hiring process for his former job. :) We are almost at three months since he sent in his application. They just finished up another portion of the hiring process, and we are awaiting a phone call from the person with the final say. Please pray with us that if this be His will, that Clif might even get a phone call on Monday saying that he has the job!

Clif left his former place of employment for the better of our family. We both were completely at peace with the decision. Fully trusting that God would provide. And He has in so many ways, and I know that He won't stop here! :) It was easy at first, but it's slowly getting a bit stressful. We do have three children to provide for...:) And HE knows that. All will be well. I have no doubt.

The babies are doing wonderful! :) We took them for their nine month check up on the 18th of April (post to come).

Clif and I have big plans for our five year anniversary...which is coming up FAST (not to mention our precious little ones turning ONE)!! My parents have agreed to keep the babies for the entire day. We'll be getting up early, heading out for a nice breakfast...and then a road trip out of town! We're heading to give our gifts to one another. New INK!

I am beyond excited. FINALLY...after all these years of saying that a certain person would tattoo me (because I know him)...he's finally going to do it! Appointment is set, and tattoo idea is in my head. YAY! I would share more... but I don't want to spoil it.

Well, basically... I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive. I have so much to say... but never enough time to say it. :) Don't give up on me!


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