Friday, April 27, 2012

NINE months!

On April 18th, Clif and I took the babies for their nine month check up with Dr.Craft. That in itself was eventful.

Let me just say that we do not plan on going to the doctors office 3 babies vs. 2 parents again for a long while. We are already making plans to have a third set of hands for their one year check up. :)

All three babies are completely healthy. Dr.Craft says that he could not be more pleased. And the kids could not possibly look any better. **enter sigh of relief here** They were nine weeks early, born at 31 weeks. At nine months old, Dr.Craft says that size wise, and developmentally... they are that of a full term eight month old. Only a month behind? Not too shabby.

Eli weighed in at a whopping 19lbs6oz...and 27 inches tall! Such a BIG boy, and full of energy. Though Eliw as born first, Easton has normally been the leader in "new" things. But not lately! It seems just like yesterday that Eli started sitting up on his own by accident...and then sitting up on cue...then pulling up. NOW...if you saw him, you might just call CPS on us. This poor Chunky Monkey has so many bruises on his poor little noggin. :) He is on the move ALL THE TIME. No lie...crawling, pulling up... I honestly believe that he will be walking by one year if not before. Eli has EIGHT teeth...and LOVES to bite Mommy, Brother, & Sister.

Easton isn't too far behind Eli! Easton weighs 18lbs6oz, and is 27 1/4 inches tall. This little boy will steal your heart with one glance. Something about those crystal blue eyes and powder blonde hair. Easton is also on the move! It's so hard to keep up these days. He is a dare devil, and his new found favorite thing is finger foods and Elmo. :) Easton has *almost* five teeth...and has been relieving some of his pain on daddy's overgrown hair.

Elliana is still petite but is gaining on the boys. Miss Prissy Butt weighed in at 15lb11oz, and 25 1/4 inches tall. What a little princess! Her hair is thickening...and her poor little bald spot on the back of her head is almost completely covered in hair :) Elliana is ALSO on the move...going anywhere her little heart desires. She LOVES to explore everything within reach by scratching it. Elliana has *almost* four teeth...and is slowly but surely realizing that she can finally bite her big brother Eli back! Elliana also recently started saying "Mama"... actually, she has been saying it for almost a week now (she said it for the first time last Sunday morning)! Also in her vocab, "Baba"...we aren't a hundred percent sure if she is saying bottle, or "bye bye". Either way it's adorable. :) She also loves to clap her hands.

All three babies are beautiful gifts from God and we seriously could not feel more blessed to have them in our lives. :)


*Katy* said...

I'm not sure if this will make you feel better or not-but my son was born the same morning as your triplets and at his 9 month checkup he was 17lbs 11oz and 29 inches-two out of three of yours are bigger than mine :) I'd say you have some pretty healthy little babies on your hands!

Hannah Rose said...

I love your sweet babies...all 4 of them <3

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