Tuesday, August 7, 2012

That moment that changes your life...forever.

So I was riding down the road listening to a local Christian radio station - when they started talking about their upcoming topic for their morning show tomorrow morning.

Moments that changed your life.

Two moments immediately popped into my head. Let me tell you about those moments.

November 13th,2009

This picture was taken just hours after the most life-altering, dream-stopping, heart-shattering moment of my life. 

Just a few hours before my husband and I had arrived at Roanoke Memorial Hospital to induce labor, and give birth to our first born child, Lillian Joy. Shortly after being checked into a room...that moment took place. The moment that will forever be burned into my heart...the moment that my doctor looked at my husband and me and said the two words that will never cease to bring tears to my eyes..."no heartbeat". Our  world came to a screeching halt when we were told that our unborn child, at 40w4d gestation, had died inside my womb. The same child that had woken me just three hours before...willing her way out. She was gone. And there was nothing we could do except to cling to our Loving Savior, and to one another.

January 27th,2011

That moment when Dr.S said something along the lines of, "Looks like we missed one, you're having THREE pregnancies." What? At the same time? In that moment I knew that God had heard our prayers and that He had answered them, three fold!

There were most definitely times during my struggle with PCOS & infertility that I thought I would never become pregnant a second time. That the only child He blessed us with would forever live with Him.

God is faithful to his children. And my family is living proof.

Though it didn't necessarily pop into my head first thing, there was definitely a third moment that came tumbling into my mind soon thereafter. 

July 15th,2011

The day that Eli Zayne (4lbs.06oz), Easton Layne (3lb13oz), and Elliana Rayne (2lb15oz) came kicking & screaming into this world.

After a journey like ours...enduring the pain and heartache of losing a child... it was the most rewarding feeling to hear three cries...and to watch three seemingly healthy babies be born into this world.

Moments like these changed my life forever. Some for the good, and some for the bad... but a day never goes by that I don't believe with my whole heart that all the above mentioned was in God's master plan for mine and Clif's lives.


Louise said...

God bless you! I have been reading your blog since right after little Lilly was born, and I was 'there' when your other 3 precious babies were born, and I still follow you. You make me stop and be thankful for my Lillie, who is 35 years old. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us.

Trennia said...

<3Missed you<3

Psychologist Sydney said...

Im glad that those moments changed your life for good. All of us have ups and down. Its only that we don't lose hopes and fight for the better. Life is a journey. Be thankful and stay happy.

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