Thursday, August 2, 2012

One year of blessed craziness.

A blog title has never held more truth than the one above. For the Smith household...the last year has been crazy...but most definitely blessed. More than blessed.
I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly. It's SO hard to believe these precious {not so} little babies are one year old. :) It's such a bittersweet feeling. I am so thankful that they made it to a year, that God saw fit to watch over them as they were growing in my womb...and as they were delivered into this world. He kept His loving hands on them as they were in the hospital - and continued to do so every single day of their lives.
Starting with July 15,2011 and every single day life (as well as Clif's) has been filled with such joy! Watching the children - products of our love for one another - grow and advance with each passing day. Witnessing them discovering new things, developing into the toddlers they are today.

Eli Zayne Smith. What a Mama's boy! :) And I love every single second of it. Eli weighed in just shy of 22 pounds at his one year appointment, big boy! It's so hard to believe that he started off at just four pounds!
He's so smart! :) He's been walking for the past month or so, but not long lengths. He still eats a ton, but is growing pickier by the day. Eli's favorite past time is to bite his brother and sister...and mommy...and daddy... and well, anyone else that happens to get in the way. It started out because of teething, and has continued as a form of retaliation. Ugh! :) Little Booger has ten teeth (including two molars - that came in about  months early) and two others trying to break gum. He still has thing brown hair, and hazel eyes. He is my little Chunky Monkey...short and plump.

Easton Layne Smith. Spaztastic for short. This kid is the picture of energy...and never ever stops! Powder blond hair and crystal blue eyes that will melt your heart in an instant. LOVE this little Ham. Easton weighed in just shy of pounds, making his weigh gain a little over 16 pounds in one year. Not too shabby! Easton loves to get his hands on everything that he knows he's not allowed to play with. Mischievous little thing. Easton took off walking about two weeks ago, but like his big brother - he gets bored with it easily. Easton has eight teeth, is cutting his canines, and two molars. Whew! Needless to say, he is taking after Eli in the biting department. :)

Elliana Rayne Smith. What can I say? That's my daughter! :) This is the face we are greeted with continuously through the days. She is such a goof ball...and SO happy. Definitely our good baby. Elliana weighed in at 17 pounds 2 ounces. She's made it quite a ways since her 2lb15oz debut a year ago. Little Princess is finally getting some hair in, and it's absolutely beautiful - definitely compliments her chocolate brown eyes that light up any room she enters. Elliana walks as well, and is getting better and better each day.
She has eight teeth and is also cutting her molars. Elliana had her follow up appointment with her cardiologist last week, and still has a slight leak in one her valves - which has also thickened. Dr.W doesn't think that it will effect her in the future, and says that she should lead a normal childhood. She will see him once a year to make sure nothing changes. We are so blessed that the Lord saw fit to heal her little heart. Oh this little girl!

We have been so blessed.


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Yes, Indeed you have been blessed!

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