Thursday, August 2, 2012

Only God Can Bring Forth Rain To Smother Pain's Flames

**Warning** If you don't like or agree with tattoos, you probably will not want to read this post**

So for our five year wedding anniversary...we decided to spend the day with our favorite tattoo artist ( check out some of his work here). Kind of an odd way to spend our anniversary - but we had a blast, and it was definitely a memorable day!
I've been trying to come up with a tattoo that could symbolize my journey. My journey through infertility, through loss, and through happiness.
Before seeing Andy last Saturday morning I had decided that I wanted a storm scene with a rainbow scene at the bottom of the tattoo. A storm to symbolize the hard times...or the "storm" in my life, and a rainbow scene to symbolize the happiness and my three precious rainbow babies.
When arriving at the shop, Andy explained that he really didn't feel comfortable with the rainbow...and that he had drawn up a little something to see if I liked it. I loved it. I was perfect.
So...after about three hours of needle to skin...this is what we've got...
The "eye of the storm" is located at the top of the tattoo. One single tear symbolizing my precious Lilly Bean. Storm clouds and lightening symbolize not only the storm we experienced when we lost our precious baby girl, but also our journey through infertility. The three cherubs symbolize the triplets (of course!) holding up my aching heart, consumed with flames caused by all the pain and heartache. The rain is to show that God does answer prayer...that he brought the rain that helped smother the pain of my heart. The quote, "Only God can bring forth rain to smother pain's flame" came from a rap song (yes...don't even. I hate rap, but heard the lyric and it has stuck with me ever since). I am so pleased with how well it all fit together :)


Nika M. said...

I love it!

Jessica said...

love it! wonderful representation!!! <3

Sarah said...

Catching up on the blog! I love this...I've been wanting another tat to symbolize my journey. But am so afraid of needles now...maybe someday I'll be brave.

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