Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Months :)

Wow. Our babies are SIX MONTHS :) On one hand, I feel like it's been soooo much longer than six months since I had these little cuties swimming around in my belly. On the other hand... I feel like it was just yesterday. **sigh** Where does the time go? Seriously.
Here is a little update on the babies, and their 6 month pictures from their photo shoot with Mommy. :) I made them the little "6 month" onesies, and crocheted Elliana's hat.

Eli Zayne : Eli was the first born of our triplets. And is definitely our most "needy" baby. At birth Eli weighed 4 pounds .06 ounces, and was 16 3/4 inches long. Today, at six months old - Eli weighs 15 pounds 11ounces, and is 25 1/4 inches long. He cut his first two teeth nearly two weeks ago, and is currently working on cutting his top, middle-right tooth. Teething has been an adventure thus far, as Eli cries most of the time (when not being held), with a few happy times in between. Eli is his daddy made over. No denying this boy! Clif calls him "Catfish", because there is no mistaking his long Huntley mouth, and big rosy Watt's lips. He has massive hands, and cute little-big ears. :) He is a hand FULL (and then some), but his big open-mouth, toothy grin will melt your heart every single time. Eli loves to eat, suck his thumb, and his food of choice is anything that is not nailed down. Though, at the moment he is VERY fond of bananas.

Easton Layne: Easton is our middle child, and was the first to come home from the hospital. He is extremely sensitive, and doesn't care for strangers. Easton is the odd man out...where his brother and sister are darker complected with dark hair & eyes, Easton is pale, has blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes (perhaps, from his Great Grandma Holt?). At birth, Easton weighed 3 pounds 13 ounces, and was 15 3/4 inches long.3 oucnes, and is 25 1/2 inches long. He is n over achiever if you've ever seen one! He was rolling over at two months while the doctors told us not to expect it until at least four months. Easton has a HOT temper, contributed from all sides of the families, we are sure. Easton is built like a Smith, no doubt about it! Long torso, broad chest...but has Great Grandpa Watt's ears. He has his Mommy's nose, nd looks like a combination of his daddy & Clif III (as a baby). His smile will light up the room. Easton is a snuggler, loves to sleep through the night, and is partial to his bottle (not baby food!)... though I am sure that "real" food will appeal to him as time passes.

Elliana Rayne: Spoiled Princess does not even begin to describe this precious baby girl. Elliana is our easy going child (most days). She loves to smile, and give her daddy kisses. At birth, Elliana weighed a whopping 2 pounds 15 ounces and was 15 inches long. Today, at six months old, she weighs 12 pounds 10 ounces, and is 24 inches long. Though dainty and much smaller than Desiree was as a baby, she looks very much like her Mommy (as a baby)...right down to her chubby cheeks and dark brown eyes. You can normally find Elliana in a good mood, entertaining herself. She loves to giggle, and be mean to her brothers. Don't let those cute looks fool you though...she is super feisty! Elliana not only smiles with her mouth (wide open!), but she smiles with her eyes. Definitely brings a smile to the face of anyone that crosses her path. She had her set backs with her heart, but God is the Great Physician and saw fit to heal her little heart. Elliana loves to sleep in her crib, eats almost as much as her brother and loves peaches.

All three babies are very active, rolling in all directions. Their new found favorite thing to do is sleep on their bellies. We are experimenting with "baby food". I plan to make the majority of their food. All three babies are beginning to try their hand at crawling, and they all "talk" NON stop. It's a constant debate in our house...what will be their first words? Mama? Dada? NO? Or maybe their siblings name?

Ahhhh...we love our precious babies so very much. As always, we continue to find ourselves thanking God for blessing us with these beautiful gifts!


Caroline said...

Growing so fast , So very blessed & What a wonderful , wonderful family. So glad I met you all online. Thanx for sharing them.

Lori said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Can't believe how big they are FLIES, doesn't it?????

Drew & Kari said...

love the detailed update! I think I can now tell the boys apart. ;) Glad they are doing well!

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