Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a little this...a little that. {updated}

First off, I want to ask that you say a prayer for Lori, and her new little blessing, Luke. Lori went in for a csection today. I haven't heard anything as of yet, but I pray that all is well.

Next, I want to whine a little bit. :) If any of you follow me on facebook....you probably saw my status, and thought that it was slightly ridiculous. I think it was something along the lines of "I hate night shift!I HATE NIGHT SHIFT! I really really hate night shift." And oh boy do I hate it. :( I'm not the one that has to work the long hours... but I am the one that has to stay at home by herself all night long.

Please please please pray with us. Clif has put in for a different position with his employer...and it would be a Monday-Friday, 7-4 job! There are like 60+ applicants... and we are fairly certain that he will not get it over some of the others... but what an answer to prayer it would be!! Currently he works 12-13 days a month, but it's swing shift. He works two weeks of nights & two weeks of days. He never works more than three days in a row! He really enjoys his time off...but... we are thinking ahead, of our future. If I get pregnant, it would be nice to have him at home every night with me. And when we do have more children, he would be able to be home in the evenings with them... and be able to attend school functions ect.

:) So though we are pretty certain he wont get it...but we will continue to pray until the position is filled!!!


Just received a text message & picture from Lori (or actually, probably John).... baby is BEAUTIFUL! :) So happy for them!!!


Stephanie said...

SO happy for Lori! And sad for you hun. I know how hard it is on your family and night shifts are hell! I will be praying for better hours!

Caroline said...

Praying for the job.
Yay for Lori and Rainbow !!!!
God is Good keeping everyone in my prayers.

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