Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rest In Peace Uncle Rufus

Meet Uncle Rufus. One of the sweetest men you'd ever meet in your life. I didn't really "know" my uncle until his last living brother, my grandfather, passed away in March of 2001.
I was drawn to him...I guess because he reminded me SO much of my Papaw. I remember him staying what seemed like forever the day of my Papaw's funeral. I remember how he was there for us...especially my Granny.
Over the years - especially after Granny died in June 2002 - I kind of adopted Uncle Rufus as a grandfather of sorts. I grew attached to him very quickly.
This picture was taken at his surprise 90th birthday party - which his family/church threw for him. What a happy day. Clif and I are undecided... but are fairly certain this picture was taken 6-7 years ago. Time flies.
This morning, not long after I arrived at work... I received a text message letting me know that my Sweet Uncle Rufus passed away this morning.
We all knew it was coming... after all, he was just a few years short of 100 years old! He'd been doing pretty rough for a while, and took a turn for the worse a few weeks back. We pretty much knew it was just a matter of was such a surprise to me.
Uncle Rufus had been in Florida with his son for quite some time. I hadn't seen him for 2+ years. Though time and distance separated us...I will miss this sweet sweet man so much. I'm so blessed to have known and loved this precious man.
Rest in peace Uncle Rufus...

Until we meet again.


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