Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{not so} dysfunctional the other day I heard some words that I'd never heard before. In fact, I never thought I would hear them.

"Your ovaries are perfect. No cysts. Everything looks perfectly healthy."

Um...excuse me Dr.G, could you repeat yourself?

Yeah. Needless to say - I was super shocked to hear those words come out of my good ole doctor's mouth! I really did almost ask him to repeat himself. 

Apparently I have stress in my life. Ha! I can't imagine WHY in the world I would have any reason to be stressed ;) Not saying it's a bad stress per say... just stress in the general sense of the word.

It all started about four weeks ago when I started having pretty bad pain in my left side. Actually, it constantly ached and there would just be sporadic pain shoot through my side. Soon after that started - my right side started hurting. At this point, I knew it was time to call Dr.G. I just knew that my ovaries were acting up - covered in cysts no doubt. Along with my self diagnosis, I already decided that I was going to have to have another surgery on my ovaries.

I called Dr.G's office... which is a whole new thing in itself. Since giving birth to the triplets - Dr.G has moved to a private practice, and it's become quite difficult to get in touch with him...let alone get in to see him. I spoke with a nurse that let me know that Dr.G was on night shift - and that she would pass along the message. The nurse called me back the next day saying that Dr.G felt like I should go in for an ultrasound and get checked out. That he "felt like something may be going on in there". Grreeat. This whole time, they were corresponding with Dr.G via email I guess... and it just made me more and more nervous. So, when I reached the point where the pain and worry consumed me...I called Dr.G at the hospital and asked if he thought I should come in. I mean, what if it were a ruptured cyst or something completely different all together? The doctor quickly calmed my nerves -he's always been kind of good at that, huh?- and assured me that I did not need to come to the ER that night :) Needless to say...the kind of ultrasound that I needed...yes, THAT kind of ultrasound, cannot be done at Dr.G's I had to wait until they could get me in at another office. Originally it was going to be a week, but later - they had a cancellation and it only ended up being 4 days. Whew. 

Meanwhile...I got all worked up and had some kind of weird episode at work. My vision went blurry and I couldn't see for almost two hours. It was miserable. About 30 minutes after my vision went all crazy on me, I had a horrible pain on the right side of my head. Long story short... Velocity {Urgent} Care trip...AND an ER trip later... apparently I survived my first ever legit Migraine. Bleh. That was definitely an experience I do not care to relive anytime soon.

Yesterday was my ultrasound...and I was more than nervous. You all know me...Desiree the Worry Wart. I had decided that I was covered in cysts...maybe they would even find a growth or something in there.

Silly me! I thought that I would get results right then and there... but then realized that after they did the ultrasound - they would have to send it to Dr.G to look over. Ugh! All that waiting. I watched the screen as the ultrasound was preformed... and convinced myself that I saw at least half a dozen things wrong with my insides.

Side Note: foot tats are GREAT conversation pieces when getting THAT kind of ultrasound. HA!

Thank the Lord, Dr.G called me within a few hours of the ultrasound. I sat down, and prepared myself for the news he would have.

The news was nothing. Actually, it was better than nothing. He said that I didn't have single cyst on my ovaries. That they looked perfectly healthy. My uterus too! What? Seriously? Was he looking at the right chart?

All that to say...I'm pretty pleased. :) First time very I've been told that my ovaries are healthy. Kinda made my day.

Two years ago I was told that I had "Other Ovarian Dysfunction". Yeah...not so dysfunctional anymore! Way to go girls!

God is so good :) I am so undeserving of the blessings that He has given me.


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