Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm baaaack :)

As I drove down the interstate the other morning…I realized that I really miss blogging. I miss recording all the happenings of my crazy life. And while I can’t promise you (or myself for that matter) that I’ll keep up like I used to, I really want to try.
Not only do I miss blogging – but I also miss keeping up with my blogger friends! I miss reading your stories, and “hearing” what’s going on in your lives.
Life is going good…a little hectic at times, but good. I have been back to work for a little over a year now, and though I miss my kids while I’m away – I really enjoy my job. Come May, Clif will have been at his new job for a year – and loves it! We both really have been blessed with good jobs, great people to work with, and even better people to work FOR.
We’ve made a lot of new friends over this past year J I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with, and getting to know so many new people!
The kids are doing wonderful! I can’t believe that their two year birthday is just around the corner. It’s one of those happy/sad feelings. I can’t even begin to express how amazing it’s been to watch them grow and develop into little toddlers…but on the other hand, I so miss those tiny little babies that would let me snuggle them for hours! I know, I know, it’s all part of it – but I can’t help but miss those baby days.
Eli is, as always, HUGE. He’sGOT to be pushing 30 pounds now. He’s so chubby and cute. He loves to dance, sing, and snuggle. His favorite new things are Thomas the Train Engine & TRUCKS! Needless to say – his most recent words are “CHOO-CHOO” and “TRUCK”. He still has his hazel eyes that will melt your heart, and his little brunette {on the verge of} mullet. He got his first haircut a few months ago…and it looks as if I am going to have to take him back for his second SOON. He still looks just like his Daddy! He has the SWEETEST little personality. And have you ever seen a toddler that LOVES to be in church? As you all know, my dad is a pastor…and boy oh boy does Eli love his Poppy! This past Sunday he sat on his Gigi’s lap, on the very front row, and sat perfectly for over an hour. The most noise he made is when he was playing with a hymn book and started singing “lalala” ever so softly. It cracks me up that he would rather sit still and be quiet than to go into the nursery with his brother, sister, and the other children!
Easton is a sweetheart when he wants to be and a knuckle head the rest of the time. HA! He’s a few pounds under Eli, but makes up for it in his legs. He has gotten SOOOOO big. He has the CUTEST, cotton ball soft, blonde hair. And heartbreaking crystal blue eyes. Though he is a bully at times (ha!)… he is so sensitive. Easton is always on the go. I mean, this kid never sits still. He’ll come over and want me to pick him up, he’ll give me a hug or kiss, and then he’s on the move again. He and I did have a sweet time a few weeks ago – he woke up early from nap, and when I went to get him from his crib…he got on the couch with me and slept on my chest for an hour while the other two kiddos slept. It was precious! I haven’t had a sweet moment like that for a long time! He is definitely his Gigi’s boy! Clif and I were talking the other day about how when he and I have a date night, the kids could care less when we walk out of the house. It’s like pulling teeth to get hugs and kisses from them. But you let their Gigi walk out of the ROOM, and they lose their minds. J
Easton most definitely uses his good looks to his advantage…he will deliberately do something he KNOWS he is not supposed to…and flash you his toothy grin and make you forget all about what he did wrong.
Speaking of TEETH…these kids have SIXTEEN teeth each – and I swear they are getting ready to cut their two year molars…LORD help me!
Elliana is still our Sweet Petite Princess…with a touch of attitude. Okay, with a LOT of attitude. Oh my goodness, that little girl! She is a mess. She is so much smaller than her brothers…Clif insists that she will be involved in gymnastics because of her size. Poor little thing, she will be two in July and she is just now BARELY wearing a size 18 months. I love it though, it gives me time to enjoy the “little” stage a bit longer. She is SUCH a girl… in every single way. She loves pink, shoes, and anything to do with hair. FINALLY…her hair is long enough for pig tails – which is about the only thing that we can do with her hair. She loves them (and so do the boys)! All three of them call the pig tails “girls”…don’t know where they got that name…BUT, I can’t help but smile when Eli comes up to me and pulls out the sides of his hair asking for “girls”. Back to Sister. Her vocabulary seems to grow by the day…she surprises me with new words all the time. She has named the boys: “Lala” –aka, Eli and “Easty” –aka, Easton and calls herself “Ana”…leaving off the Elli part of her name. She knows just about everybody part, including the embarrassing ones. This little girl has some crazy personality…and I love it! Her new favorite thing is hide & seek. Every night when Daddy and I put the boys to bed, she hides beside the gun cabinet….always giving herself away by calling, “Ana”. She LOVES her Daddy… but is definitely a Mama’s girl…all the way.
Ah, I love those kids! I thank God every single day with blessing our lives in the way that He did.


Betty said...

I love reading about those three! I cannot believe how big they are! My little guy just turned 2 and he is barely over 18 pounds! LoL! It's so amazing how even with the boys that big Elliana is so small. I love seeing how kids grow and develop differently.

Doreen said...

Good to see you back online. I used to read your blog and loved it. My daughter's 2nd baby was stillborn at 37 weeks so I went to blog to get resource info for her. Would love to see you post a pic of the kids. They sound precious! Welcome back!!

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